I’ve heard that bankruptcy will ruin my credit. What can I expect? 

Many people believe there is perfect credit and poor credit without much in between. By the time most people come to see us, their credit report has already been beaten up by creditors - or soon will be. Filing bankruptcy puts an end to all of that and creates a new beginning. Like many other items, bankruptcy can be held on your credit report for 7-10 years. However, your report will show your filing date and date of discharge. This tells future creditors that all of the entries dated before are no longer relevant. 

I just received a notice that I am being sued or garnished. Am I too late? 

Absolutely not. Filing a case under either chapter 7 or 13 immediately halts all collection activity. We can stop the suit or the garnishment and protect your paycheck. 

The car company is trying to repossess my car. Can I stop it? 

Yes you can. In a chapter 13, we can restructure your car note, usually at a much lower interest rate, and stop the repossession. 

My house is scheduled for foreclosure. Can I save it? 

You can, but we have to hurry. The foreclosure sale, if completed, terminates all of your rights to the property. Recently, we have seen an increase in “foreclosure predators” in North Georgia. These are individuals and companies that target people in foreclosure. They will promise you that they can either a) refinance your loan; or b) find an “investor” to bring you current but let you keep your house. These are all scams. In virtually every case the predator waits until the last minute and then tells the homeowner that the financing fell through or that the investor wants to transfer title and pay off the mortgage. In either case the homeowner is left with the choice of foreclosure or letting the predators steal their equity. 

If you are in foreclosure don’t gamble your home. File chapter 13 bankruptcy and put forth a reorganization plan. If refinancing is a viable option for you, do it after your case is confirmed. 

Once I have completed my case, how can I rebuild my credit? 

Credit is important, and the truth is that your mail box will be full of credit card offers after your case is over. Credit cards can be useful for renting a car or making hotel reservations. Often debit cards work just as well. We recommend that you spend time with a qualified credit counselor in order to make wise financial decisions from this point forward. 

How can I get a copy of my credit report? 

Under Georgia Law you are entitled to one free copy of your report per year. The major reporting agencies are... 

    •  Transunion
        Web Site: www.transunion.com
        Phone: 1-800-916-8800 

    •  Equifax
        Web Site:
        Phone: 1-800-685-1111 

    •  Experian
        Web Site: www.experian.com
        Phone: 1-800-397-3742

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