Over the past several years, Scott Tolbert has handled hundreds and hundreds of DUI cases all over Northeast Georgia. 

In Georgia, even a first-time DUI has serious consequences, so choosing a lawyer to defend you is an important decision. We certainly don’t have to tell you the difference it makes – to your insurance rates, present and future employment, fines, and many other economic costs of a DUI conviction. If you’re buying a house, any competent Georgia attorney can help you close the transaction. But choosing the right attorney to defend you when your rights and freedom are at stake is a serious matter. 

We suggest that you talk to several lawyers before you make this critical decision. But please make sure that Scott Tolbert is on your list. Please give us a call or email today. Initial consultation is free. This gives you a chance not only to meet our staff, but also to discuss your case and get all your questions answered by an attorney who has spent years defending cases like yours. 

Even if you decide to hire another lawyer or just enter a simple guilty plea, we strongly suggest that you at least contact us to discuss all of your options.

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