Did you know that the accumulation of license points can quickly result in a license suspension? The Georgia DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) has a system intended to reduce unlawful use of the roadways. This point system is a simple way to track driver citations. Accumulate enough points or convictions and a license can become suspended, cancelled, or revoked. There are also other more indirect consequences of license points, which include higher insurance rates, difficulty obtaining coverage, and expensive driver education courses.

What determines how many points are issued?

Generally the more severe the incident, the more points are added to the license. Here are some common examples of driving violations and the number of points levied:

    •  HOV/carpool lane violation (four or more offenses): 1 point

    •  Child restraint first offense: 1 point; second offense: 2 points

    •  Failure to secure a load: 2 points

    •  Open alcoholic container: 2 points

    •  Misc. moving violation: 3 points

    •  Defiance of traffic signal or traffic officer: 3 points

    •  Illegal passing: 4 points

    •  Reckless driving: 4 points

    •  Illegally passing a school bus: 6 points

    •  Aggressive driving: 6 points and an automatic suspension if the driver is under 21

    •  Speeding (MPH over the speed limit):

        •  15-19 MPH: 2 points

        •  19-24 MPH: 3 points

        •  24-34 MPH: 4 points

        •  34 MPH or higher: 6 points

How many points must be accumulated before a license is actually suspended?

If a motorist accrues 15 points within a 24 month period, the DMV will automatically suspend their license. Out of state violations also count towards the total amount of points. Any of the following convictions may result in a suspended license for drivers under 21: racing, reckless driving, 4 or more points from improper passing or unlawful passing of a school bus, exceeding speed limit by 24 or more miles per hour, aggressive driving, driving under the influence, eluding an officer, misrepresenting I.D. or age, hit and run, or purchasing alcohol. Those under 21 face even stricter guidelines. For drivers under 18, only 4 points from any violation will result in a suspension.

How long does the suspension last?

Suspension, cancellation, and revocation times will vary greatly based on the number of points accumulated, severity of the incidents, and any repeat offences. The DMV takes all of this into consideration before determining if a license should be suspended shortly, or revoked for a number of years.

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