Every state, including Georgia has an Implied Consent Law. Under this law, any person with a Georgia driver’s license has given their consent to take a chemical test if suspected of driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. There are three chemical tests, blood, breath and urine and of the three, blood is considered to be the most reliable. A chemical test determines a person’s blood alcohol content and a blood test can measure any drugs or alcohol found in a person’s system.

Since there are health risks that are associated with testing blood, police cannot administer a blood test. It must be done at a qualified medical center and given by the correct medical personnel. There are many rules and regulations put into place in regards to how your blood should be drawn, transported and analyzed due to all the things that could go wrong with your sample.

For example, your blood could become tainted and your results would be inaccurate. Or perhaps, the person who administered the test was not properly trained. Many times, even qualified medical personnel make mistakes that can alter your blood test results. So even though blood tests are reliable, there is always room for errors.

Seek the advice of an experienced Georgia DUI defense attorney

Only a qualified DUI defense attorney familiar with the proper proceedings of blood test results will be able to properly defend you. Your attorney may find that your blood sample was tainted or that the results were not analyzed correctly. If any of these kinds of mistakes occur, your attorney may call for your blood test results to be inadmissible in court. And this could severely damage the prosecution’s case against you.

Even if your blood test results are accurate, your defense attorney can still build a defense. From plea bargains to having your charges reduced, only a DUI defense attorney can fight for your rights. Remember, if you are arrested for DUI to contact an attorney immediately. The more time you give your attorney to prepare the better. This leaves them more time to go over your blood test results and carefully scrutinize the findings.

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