When are you DUI in Georgia?

Drivers over 21 are DUI with a blood alcohol level of .08 or higher. The blood alcohol limit is .02 for drivers under 21 and .04 for commercial drivers. Tougher DUI laws and penalties are possible if the alcohol level is over .15.

How is intoxication tested?

Separated into two different categories, the testing can be defined as field sobriety tests or chemical tests. Field sobriety tests include: horizontal gaze nystagmus, stand-on-one-leg, walk-and-turn and finger-to-nose. These are generally considered inaccurate because they rely on an assumption that the suspect is in good physical health. Chemical tests are typically more accurate, therefore more likely to be admissible in court. Blood alcohol content is obtained from testing blood, breath or urine. Though more scientific in nature, there are still good defenses for chemical test results.

What are the consequences of a DUI in Georgia?

Direct consequences from a DUI conviction in Georgia can range from fines, license suspension or revocation, ignition interlock, vehicle impoundment, alcohol assessment / education and jail time. Aside from these obvious penalties, convicts can expect the incident to be a source of embarrassment, complicate employment and result in higher insurance cost or difficulty finding coverage.

Multiple offenses

If this is not your first DUI charge then you need to pay close attention. Second offenders may face a 3-year administrative license suspension and ignition interlock. The potential administrative license suspension is raised to 5 years if a suspect is convicted a third time. Vehicle confiscation is probable upon a fourth conviction. This is all in addition to higher insurance, greater fines and increased possibility of jail time. It should be obvious that if this is not your first DUI, your charges need to be taken even more seriously.

Can a DUI charge be successfully defended?

It is very common for someone facing a DUI charge to completely avoid conviction. However, DUI law is complicated and changes every year. This is one area of law that is not worth leaving up to a general defense attorney.

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